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Answer: Temporal lobe Trivia Question: Dolly was the first-ever living creature to be cloned. What type of animal was she? Answer: Sheep Trivia Question: Animals that eat both plants and meat are called what? Answer: Omnivores Trivia Question: What...

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Answer: Meiosis Trivia Question: What is the symbol of the element silver? Answer: Burnt gunpowder Trivia Question: Frogs belong to which animal group? Answer: Amphibians Trivia Question: Which component of an atom might you expect to be orbiting around it? Answer: Electrons Trivia Question: Mycology is the scientific study of what? Answer: Fungi Trivia Question: What is the name of the red pigment found in vertebrates that functions in oxygen transport? Answer: Hemoglobin Trivia Question: What is the electrical charge of a neutron? Answer: No charge Trivia Question: What kind of energy does an unlit match have? Answer: Chemical energy Trivia Question: How do you calculate density? Answer: 4. Answer: Pangea Trivia Question: What is the scientific term for peeling skin?

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Answer: Titan Trivia Question: Around what percentage of animal species are invertebrates? Answer: Hydrogen Trivia Question: The smallest bones in the body are located where? Answer: The ear Trivia Question: What is the scientific name for the job or role an organism plays in its habitat? Answer: Niche Trivia Question: The process of weathered material moving due to gravity is called what?

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Answer: Erosion Trivia Question: What is the fin on the backs of fish, some whales, and dolphins called? Answer: Dorsal Fin Trivia Question: What is a scientist who specializes in the study of cells called? Answer: Cytologist Trivia Question: What part of the brain controls hunger? Answer: Hypothalamus Trivia Question: What flap on your windpipe helps keep out food particles? Answer: Epiglottis Trivia Question: What causes the moon to shine? Answer: Endoplasmic Reticulum Trivia Question: What is the main structural molecule in hair and nails? Answer: Keratin Trivia Question: What is a unit that measures force? Answer: Newtons Trivia Question: What are the gaps between nerve cells called? Answer: Gemini Trivia Question: What element is a diamond composed of? Answer: Carbon Trivia Question: What was the first planet discovered with the aid of a telescope?

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Answer: Uranus Trivia Question: What does a conchologist collect? Answer: Seashells Trivia Question: What is the splitting of atomic nuclei called? Answer: Stigma Trivia Question: What instrument do you use to measure wind speed? Answer: Anemometer Trivia Question: What do you count on a tree to tell how old it is? Answer: Botox Trivia Question: What does the gall bladder secrete? Answer: Bile Trivia Question: What is made by white blood cells to help fight off infection? Answer: Four Trivia Question: The first vaccine was for which disease? Answer: Smallpox Trivia Question: Who was the first woman in space? Answer: Mantle Trivia Question: What is the first phase of mitosis? Answer: Interphase Trivia Question: What are the lower chambers of the human heart called? Answer: Ventricles Trivia Question: Who begins food chains?

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Answer: Producers Trivia Question: What part of the brain is responsible for vision? Answer: Occipital Trivia Question: What is the chemical symbol for lead? Answer: Botany Trivia Question: What color catches the eye first? Answer: Yellow Trivia Question: Specialized cells are called photoreceptors. What are the 2 types of photoreceptors in the retina called? Answer: Rods and cones Trivia Question: A unit of electromotive force is called what? Answer: Extravehicular activity Trivia Question: Between which two planets does the asteroid belt lie? Answer: Seven Trivia Question: What ongoing process allows water to be constantly recycled? Answer: days Trivia Question: What was the first sound-recording device called? Answer: Phonograph Trivia Question: What is the scientific word for push or pull?

Answer: Hyoid bone Trivia Question: Who first proposed the concept of contact lenses? Answer: Solid, liquid, gas, plasma Trivia Question: The metamorphism of what rock forms marble? Answer: Limestone Trivia Question: Aspirin comes from the bark of what tree? Answer: Willow Trivia Question: What is the smallest organ in the human body? Answer: Pineal gland Trivia Question: What are the four primary precious metals? Answer: Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium Trivia Question: What is the only planet in our solar system less dense than water? Answer: Goosebumps Trivia Question: What is the smallest named time interval? Answer: Planck time Trivia Question: What reaction releases energy into its surroundings? Answer: Exothermic reaction Trivia Question: What gives onions their distinctive smell? Answer: Chlorine Trivia Question: How many vertebrae in the human spine? Answer: 33 Trivia Question: How long is an eon? Answer: A billion years Trivia Question: What is the name of the process where plants lose water in the atmosphere?

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Answer: Transpiration Trivia Question: What part of the human body is the axilla? Answer: The armpit Trivia Question: What is the second most abundant mineral in the human body? Answer: Phosphorus Trivia Question: Where on the human body are the most sweat glands? Answer: Bottom of the feet Trivia Question: What metal is the best conductor of electricity? Answer: Silver Trivia Question: What does the human lacrimal gland produce? Answer: Tears Trivia Question: What are the four types of adult human teeth? Answer: Incisors, canines, premolars, molars Trivia Question: What color has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum?

Analyse an extract and practise answering contextual questions: Cry, the beloved country

Answer: Red Trivia Question: Syncope is the medical name for what condition? Answer: Fainting Trivia Question: What number on the Richter scale does an earthquake have to reach to be considered major? Answer: 7 Trivia Question: What scale is used to measure the hardness of minerals? Answer: Mohs scale Trivia Question: What is the largest nerve in the human body? Answer: Sciatic Trivia Question: The small intestine is made up of jejunum, ileum, and what? Answer: Duodenum Trivia Question: What condition is singultus?

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Directions: Please complete all five sections. Good Luck! In your drawing include notes labeling which room, or place the following would be found. You must include 5 out of the seven in your representation. Theme, Setting, Character development, Tone, etc. Swift unavoidable waters, swinging screaming baboons, sleeping snakes, red gums ready for their sweet white blood.

Beloved Questions and Answers

In a way. It was the jungle white folks planted in them. And it grew. It spread. Made them bloody, silly, worse than even they wanted to be, so scared were they of the jungle they had made. He would keep the rest where it belonged: in that tobacco tin buried in his chest where a red heart used to be. She just flew. Collected every bit of life she had made, all the parts of her that were precious and fine and beautiful, and carried, pushed, dragged them through the veil, out, away, over there where no one could hurt them. Over there.

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In a proper essay format see notes below , pick two differences from the novel and movie and argue, which one you believed was more effective in conveying the hardships of slavery. In your essay you must: 1 Have a clear thesis statement 2 Two differences from the novel and movie 3 Support 4 A strong conclusion Essay Outline: 1st Paragraph: Introduction-an outline of your paper along with your thesis statement 2nd Paragraph: Compare one difference in the novel and movie 3rd Paragraph: Compare a second difference in the novel and movie 4th Paragraph: A conclusion-wrap up your two differences and restate your thesis in a different way.

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Camping 5. This is an important question when determining if the interviewee is a good cultural fit for your company. It provides insights on their view of the world, attitudes, past experiences, and boundaries as an individual. Everyone faces challenges from time to time. It also helps you determine if the person is able to take on the demands of your job. For example, one person may answer that their biggest challenge was overcoming the death of a loved one.

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Another person may answer that their biggest challenge was finding the right outfit to wear to a job interview. These answers are on opposite ends of the spectrum. If you face a problem at work, what is the first thing you do? Asking this question, and providing several answers, provides a true overview of how a person will react if they face a problem at work. Answers could include: Ask for help Delegate the task to someone else Research potential solutions Make excuses 8. If you could only change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What is the question people ask you most often? This is one of the most powerful questions you can ask, as it shows you what others think of the person.

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Is the person often asked for advice? Is the person often asked why they jump to conclusions? What is your best memory from your childhood? Is it a vacation they took with their family? Is it an achievement in elementary school, such as winning a science fair? The answer gives you insight into an experience that turned the person into who they are today.

The Beloved by Toni Morrison quiz: 12 questions by kisha

What is your worst memory from your childhood? Once again, the answer will give you a better understanding of who the person is. Do you find it easy to make new friends? Some people find it easy to make new friends, which allows them to fit in comfortably in almost any setting. Conversely, others find it difficult to make new friends, thus putting them at a disadvantage in social situations or when starting a new job. Do you sympathize with people who are going through a tough time? A person who can sympathize with others is a person you want on your team. Do you tackle tasks right away or procrastinate until the last minute? What was your favorite game when you were a child? Did they enjoy playing football with friends? What about tag? How about hide-and-seek?

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Or did they prefer playing alone? When used as a close-ended personality question, potential answers include: Hide-and-seek.

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These are: plot, background, structure, characters, setting, style, narrative voice and themes. In this article we are going to focus on how to analyse an extract and answer contextual questions. Here is an example of how to make notes for yourself when analysing an extract. The questions can include one, two or three texts. Work out where the text fits into the novel.

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Not all the questions will relate directly to the text. For some you will need to show that you know the whole novel. Look at the mark allocation for each question. This is very important. However, make sure your discussion is based on the events in the novel and not random ideas. Use your own words, unless you are asked to quote. Always do what you are asked to in your answer. Always check your answers before handing them in. Have you written according to the marks? Check for missing words, misspelled words or poor grammar. Read the following extract before answering the sample questions. Now answer the following questions. Remember to only look at the answers when you have written out your own answers. Give TWO reasons, one about the city and one about Ndotsheni. For what purpose had Kumalo saved the money?

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To buy things for the church b. To clothe his family c. To educate his son 1 1. Explain your answer. Think about your answer to 1.

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Fill in the blanks choosing the words from the box given and complete the summary of the poem. The casuarina tree is tall and strong, with a creeper winding around it like a 1 python. The tree stands like a 2 giant with a colourful scarf of flowers. Birds surround the garden and the sweet song of the birds is heard. The poet is delighted to see the casuarina tree through her 3 casement. She sees a grey monkey sitting like a 4 statue on top of the tree, the cows grazing and the water lilies 5 springing in the pond.

Beloved Final Exam

The poet feels that the tree is dear to her not for its 6 impressive appearance but for the 7 nostalgic memories of her happy childhood that it brings to her. She strongly believes that 8 nature communicates with human beings. The poet could communicate with the tree even when she was in a far-off land as she could hear the tree 9 lamenting her absence.

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